Beauty Basics 101

In a time when Contouring, Non Contouring, Strobing, Baking and all these new techniques have become the latest and “greatest” trends, the basic fundamentals of makeup application have been lost. What happened to the days when just a little mascara, eyeliner, some blush and a pretty color on your lips was HOT??

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE contouring! But honestly…most of us ain’t got that kind of time. If you want to put a little effort into it, even if it’s to take the kiddies to ballet class or soccer practice or to just grab coffee, I think you may find this content useful. Here’s what I consider “BEAUTY BASICS.”

Moisturizer – Starting with a nice clean face, follow it up by applying your favorite moisturizer. Moisturizing is so important. It helps eliminate dry patches, helps to create supple skin and it feels so good, especially during the colder months. Not to mention, keeps us looking younger. Allow 5-10 minutes for your moisturizer to be absorbed.

Primer – Primer is a debatable product. Some people like it and find it totally necessary. Others don’t understand the use or just don’t like the feel of that extra layer. A friend of mine mentioned she breaks out from the use of it. I use it and like it. I feel it keeps my makeup in place. There are many options out in the market that can probably help with sensitive skin. I love Benefit’s Porefessional and Smash Box Photo Finish Primer. I use them interchangeably and have had no issues. They are both silicon based, which maybe the allergen that causes the reactions or breakouts. Ask for a sample at your local Sephora if you worry about reactions or just want to test it out.  A good primer should nicely fill in large pores and even the surface of your skin for your foundation application. grid:p9889

Eyebrows – Eyebrows are considered the frame of your painting. If your eyebrows are not groomed or neat, it is likely the finished product won’t be at its best. You should always have a good brow pencil/ spooly brush.

Eyes – My eye makeup varies and is dependent on time (if I have any). On work days, when I’m rushing out of the house, I’ll grab my brush and quickly sweep some of bronzer or blush across the my lids. This adds a nice dash of color. I follow it up with a shit load of mascara. The more dramatic, The Better.

Concealer – This step can vary on preference of pre or post foundation application. I like to do it pre-foundation to hide some freckles and discoloration I have and to conceal my dark circles. Concealer can also be used post-foundation to help contour the face and add brightness.  I won’t go into detail, because I believe this deserves a feature all on its own.

Foundation – Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer/BB or CC Cream…whatever you use, go to town! Some prefer no coverage, light coverage or full coverage. I like light/barely-there coverage. I usually reach for my Estee Lauder EE Cream or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. When I have a big event and I need to be camera ready, I turn to the Holy Grail: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (enter emoji with palms to Heaven). Just to tell you how great and light it is, my girlfriend used it for her wedding in Aruba and it didn’t budge even after she was thrown into the pool.

Bronzer – Bronzer is LIFE! It really is. It provides so much color to the face, like being kissed by the sun. I do a figure 3 with my bronzer. Starting from the temple, bring the brush down to the hollows of your cheek and then sweep down to your jaw line. Any bronzer will do the job.

Blush – Sweep a little color around the apples of your cheek. Easy does it.

Highlighter – Did someone say GLOW? Heaven help, I love me some Highlighter!!! I could probably skip most of these steps and just head straight to highlighting. I highlight the top of the cheekbone, the bridge of my nose, my brow bone and Cupid’s bow. I Just Love It!  There are so many on the market. I want to own them ALL.

Lip liner/Lipstick – Do you Boo! This will reflect your personal style, so sky’s the limit!

So there you have it! These beauty basics are what I find to be key players. These are in MY order of application. By no means do you need to follow these as LAW but you can toy around with the arrangement. You can even skip most of these steps if it’s just too overwhelming. We will discuss them all separately and in depth, so you can get more details on their use.

I hope you found this reference helpful. Chat more soon [wink].

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I bought all this stuff. So….now what???

Walk with me… You walk past the makeup store or counter and you instantly get sucked in or you gingerly walk in as a well invited guest…like I always do. The employees are so damn friendly and eager to help you. Heck… they even offer to beat your face FOR FREE. They sell you on everything…including the makeup artist’s name tag. You go to the register and happily pay for your merchandise. You glide on home cause you’re super hyped about your purchase. You get home, you spread out your goodies and then panic strikes. Or terror comes when you are in front of the mirror and you can’t quite remember what the makeup artist told you to do; “Was it this color on the crease or this one? Should I apply with my fingers? Damn…I should’ve picked up that brush she was using. What do I do? Wahhhhhhhh…” Does this sound about right?

I have spent tons for some good products but heaven knows I don’t have a clue where to begin or I totally forget everything I was told to do. I have figured out…IT DOESN’T MATTER!! Your comfort is what matters. I find the most difficult thing is finding TIME to explore. I get rattled by the prospect of not remembering what the sales person told me to do but in actuality…finding the method to your own madness is what’s important. So, what that you used your finger and not the beauty blender (*Holy Grail Product). Does it look nice? Do you like it?

Fear is an inhibitor. It can be an immobilizer. Case in point: THE RED LIPSTICK (queue scary music). In Junior high school, I used to sneak lipstick on since I wasn’t allowed to wear until HS. I think I was more of a dare devil when it was banned. In high school, I found Mauve. I loved the color Mauve! It was pretty and delicate and not very flashy. COMFORTABLE! In college, I did a run with Brown Liner and beige lipstick. I was totally into a Chola phase. After some time, I decided to fill the lips with a matching brown. Great! Nice! COMFORTABLE! Next was a heavy Gloss phase. That one lasted well after I got married. You could have followed the trail of gloss and found me at the end. Again, COMFORTABLE!

Comfortable or fearful? Bottom line…comfortable is buzz word for trepidation. It is totally okay to do things that make you comfortable. No one is here to make you feel any less. What I do want to express is that if that eye shadow color or lipstick is screaming at you from the makeup counter, and maybe it isn’t necessarily a color you would normally use, pick it up anyway. Who knows? Maybe one day, when you’re home alone… and in a playful mood, you may want to reach for it and find your Bad Girl Side! We’ll revisit the Red Lipstick Debacle a little later [wink].

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Lipsticks and Blushes and Eyeliners…Oh My!

It took me a little bit but now I’m here! As one of my friends bluntly put it “took you long enough! You’ve been working on this for years.”   Thanks friend [side eye]

I have wanted to introduce the idea of my “makeupedia” for quite some time now. I just didn’t know how. Especially considering how many people out there do the same thing and are so damn good at it!!! I had to figure out a way to be different, to be me. So, now I have it, my very own formula (kind  of). This is my own little world designed to help provide tips, skills, hacks and goodies to all your beauty questions and needs. I have some fresh ideas to offer and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I created this forum after realizing that there are so many people interested in makeup but fearful of it too. I’m a certified shopaholic and I can admit that. As such, I LOVE to buy beauty products! No matter the kind: hair, skin, lipstick, blush, nail polish etc… I love them ALL. But more often than not, I find myself with draws full of untouched palettes, lipsticks still perfectly sculpted and eye liners that have never been played with. WHY??? Simple: FEAR. I was scared that I didn’t know enough about makeup to apply them. It’s easy to fork over the plastic or cash to buy them. The key is taking them home and making them WORK [girlllll].

After having my second child, I met up with a friend and her makeup was FIERCE [snap]. She mentioned she refers to ‘YouTube’ [thanks other friend] for help on everything, including the perfect winged eye (which remains to date, my biggest challenge).

Youtube? Holy shit…why didn’t I ever think of that. My husband literally taught himself to ride a motorcycle from YouTube channels… damn skippy I’m going to learn to master a F****** WINGED EYE!!!

YUP…that whole conversation happened in my head while my friend continued to throw out names of some of her fave vloggers. Soon enough, they became my favorite vloggers and one vlog/blog became many blogs and many posts, hashtags, recommendation and hundreds of beauty purchases later (shhhhhhh….don’t tell my husband), I realized that I wanted to do this too!!!

DISCLAIMER: In no way do I consider myself a makeup artist or expert in the art of makeup application. I just love this stuff! I’d prefer to think of myself as more of an aficionado of the beauty industry. My hat’s off to my makeup artist friends who I go to  for advice and beat faces like nobody’s business! SLAY bitches…SLAY!

So…now that I’m here… WELCOME!! Follow me on Instagram (mommyzbeautyrulez) and twitter (mommyzbeautyru).